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Alghero is on Sardinia’s northwest coast. This Catalan town is known for its white sand beaches and has become a favorite vacation hotspot for much of Europe. Alghero is a quaint fishing town that has invited and accepted the tourism industry. This city with its old town center offers tourists a small city feel, with a beach holiday mixed in.

The Lido area of the city is where you can find Alghero’s own beach. It runs from Alghero up to Fertilla, which is a small hamlet of Alghero. Many of the hotels here have sea views and private beach access for their guests. What a great place to stay where you can walk out your door and be on the beach. At night in the summer, Lido has parties and live music on the beach, and you ll find many bars and restaurants bring the area to life.

Taking a Guided Tour of Alghero, Sardinia

If you are looking for experience a more historic side of Alghero, you must stay in the old town. The part of the city dates all the back to the twelfth century and you must immerse yourself in order to truly appreciate it. You can find quiet restaurants that offer their foods along the battlements overlooking the sea. There are many shops and craftsmen that dot these cobbled streets. You will also find guided tours to some of the more popular historical sites. The nice part about these tours is that you might see something you otherwise would have overlooked or avoided.

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If you are interested in the natural beauty of Sardinia, the area surrounding Alghero is unique in itself. Porto Conte has a wildlife reserve that is simply naturally beautiful. Neptune s Grotto and Capo Caccia are areas of this reserve that you can get to by land or sea and are a must see for any Alghero visitor. This unspoiled area of Sardinia while delight you, as you will see many species of wildlife that call these areas home.

Where to Stay in Alghero, Sardinia

For lodging, the choices in Alghero are many. You will find hotels, from budget inns to five star lodgings. There are holiday houses here as well. You’ll find that many of them are available for weekly, monthly, or even year round renting. If you visit Sardinia frequently, you may want to look into purchasing a holiday house in Alghero. Some of these accommodations are rents or sold fully furnished, complete to the bed linen and kitchen pots and pans. There are also some other alternative lodgings available. For those with a taste for something different, try visiting an “Agriturismo,” which is a working farm, with lodging and restaurants that use only produce harvested on the farm.

Speaking of food, you can find several Catalan influences in the food available from the local restaurants. Catalan lobster and Paella Algherese are favorites here, but you will also find some Sardinian favorites too. Roast suckling pig and Seadas, which is a sweet bread stuffed with goats cheese and dripped with honey.

The climate here is just about perfect. April to October is hot, dry, and windy, while the winter is very mild. This makes Alghero a terrific vacation destination almost any time of the year.

If you are looking for somewhere uniquely special to visit for your vacation this year, Alghero Sardinia is surely worth a consideration. There is something for kids and adults alike, and for just about everyone’s preferences. With all the culture and history available here, there is a lot to learn that you may not have thought about before. Alghero is a terrific city on a fabulous island and you will not be disappointed in your choice to vacation here.

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