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Submitted by: Bob Ward

Potential residential property investors are often bewildered by the wealth of information available regarding property investing, which is often contradictory.

First time property investors should take the following points into consideration before embarking on their property purchase but always check their own circumstances out with their accountant before committing any funds to the project: –

1. Rely on the numbers and leave emotion out of the transaction as you will not be living in the property

Its not critical that you adore the colour scheme, the type of handles on the doors or some other features of the property the numbers e.g. purchase price, rental return, supply of rental property in the market and potential capital gain, must stack up. These details, apart from potential capital gain, are readily available from real estate agents.

2. Start small time you will be able to sleep at night that way

Start with a lower priced investment property and a smaller loan. As you will be, most likely, subsidising the loan repayments, there is less pain with a smaller loan if you are not receiving rental income during any period. Being able to sleep at night is always an investors objective.

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3. Treat your property investment as long term

Unless you have bought a red hot bargain, you wont be able to achieve substantial short-term gains and you need to be able to recover your purchase transaction costs such as stamp duty and legal fees together with your selling transaction costs. Of course, capital gains tax also comes into the equation when you sell. Capital gains tax will apply when you make a profit after owning the property for more than 1 year (from purchase exchange of contracts to sale exchange of contracts)

4. Either buy locally or within driving distance from home

Its reassuring to be able to regularly see the property and know that it still exists and you are likely to be more familiar with the market. This does not mean that you should necessarily be purchasing the property next door to your own home as its advisable that you remain at arms length from your tenant and enjoy some anonymity. If you do purchase in an area that you are not familiar with always ensure that that obtain an independent valuation on the property you are purchasing even where you are using your own home as security.

5. Engage the services of professionals

It makes good sense to use the services of an accountant, a lawyer, a realtor and a mortgage broker to assist you in purchasing and managing your residential investment property.

6. Obtain advice from your accountant regarding the name in which the property should be purchased and the loan obtained

This decision can have substantial tax implications and should not be taken lightly.

7. Consider a fixed interest loan when borrowing

It will provide interest rate certainty. Whether you borrow interest only or with principal and interest repayments depends on your own circumstances. Your home loan specialist and accountant should be able to assist you with this decision and whether you borrow on a fixed or variable basis.

8. When selecting a property to purchase look for proximity to transport and amenities and avoid high maintenance features such as a swimming pool or a large garden

Its important to purchase property that a tenant will be happy to live in. You should try to appeal to the mass market e.g. 3 bedrooms and covered car parking in an area where there is a high demand for and not an oversupply of vacant rental accommodation. When you buy properties, which incorporate a swimming pool or a large garden area, you can count on the fact that the maintenance costs will increase without any increase in rent.

9. Dont attempt to squeeze the last drop out of your rent

It makes more sense earn a lesser rent but to have long term tenants who will look after the property and treat it as if they owned it. Its also smart to explore the cost of insurance cover over rental income and property damage.

10. Don’t stop with a single residential invesment property

The first purchase can be a daunting process but the second and subsequent properties are easier to purchase than the first.

About the Author: Bob Ward is a director of Australian company, Lot 109 Pty. Limited, which is a real estate training and public relations consultancy –


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By Joel Davis

Gay dating sites offer the perfect way to look for new relatinships in your life. There are many gays who are hiding their true feelings due to discrimination over same sex relationships, stopping many gay individuals from ever coming out into the public eye.

But the Internet and gay dating services has provided an outlet for these individuals, offering a place where gays from all over the world can contact each other in the privacy of their own homes. While there are plenty of online gay dating sites on the World Wide Web, be aware that not all of them can provide services with safety and integrity that you require. Here are some tips on what to look for in gay dating sites on the Internet.

Tip 1 – Free or Paid dating sites?

There are many free gay dating sites on the internet, and those that offer their services and features for a generally resonable cost. If you really want to maximize your gay dating experience, it is best that you look at paid dating sites as opposed to the free sites. These sites have high security to ensure that you can enjoy the best service without any hassles.

Tip 2 : Secure Payment System

Be aware that not all dating sites that require payment offer a quality service, many of them are scammers and fraudsters that plan to take as much money from you as they can. Look for a gay dating site that has a billing system that is verified by credible bureaus and agencies. Since you will be posting your credit card information on the Internet, you need to know the website is secure.

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Check the terms and conditions of the dating site. Since most of these sites offer automated billing, you need to make sure that you can delete all your account information so that you won’t be charged with services that you are no longer using. Also be aware of repeat monthly billing, look for one of payment systems to be sure of not getting an unexpected invoice each month.

Tip 3 : Look For Sites That Offer Online Help

There may come a time that we will have some questions or concerns regarding the use of a gay online dating site. Before such a scenario comes, you need to determine if they offer a customer service representative that will answer all your problems. Check out if they have a toll-free number for direct access to the service, or whether you need to submit a ticket or an email as a way to communicate with them.

Tip 4 : Determine The Privacy Of Your Online Information.

Unfortunately the truth is that some dating sites use the email address of their subscribers to send spam mails of products, services, and online advertising.

Your information on these online dating sites should be held confidential at all times; and the only one who has access to your information, like your contact info, credit card, and so on should be you alone. Read through the privacy statement found on the dating site to ensure that your information will not be compromised.

Tip 5 : What Are The Features.

Check out the features of different dating sites to ensure that you only get features for what you originally paid for. The better gay dating sites should have:

Strict privacy policy regarding your username, password, and all other information that you may have on their site

A good search feature that will allow you to look for other gays in the online community with ease, to search different profiles, such as nationality, skin color, eye color, language, hobbies, and so on

Open-access to the profile of members within the online community

Full access to your accounts manager, especially your billing information

Overall research the quality of the gay dating site before you make use of the service to avoid being scammed by fraudulent offers on the Internet – wasting your time, effort, and money in the process.

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