How To Cum More 6 Proven Methods To Overcome Low Sperm Count}

How to Cum More – 6 Proven Methods to Overcome Low Sperm Count



It is widely known that the most common cause of men’s inability to reproduce is low sperm count. This situation strikes six out of one hundred male ranging from teenagers to the middle age. More often than not, low sperm count can be linked to simple reasons, such as draining exercises, intense direct contact with the heat, insomnia, depression, or even the habit of using underwear that’s too tight. But occasionally a serious health problem is the one to condemn.

To those questioning how to cum more, allow me to suggest you:

1. Lessen your ejaculation frequency – Having intercourse or masturbating once for every 3 days is the way to go. Think about it: the more times you climax, the less dense it will become.

2. Change your lifestyle – Do exercises regularly and consume only healthy foods. Lose some weight so that your estrogen and testosterone will always be in great balance.

3. Dump your bad addictions like smoking and alcohol – smoking contributes a lot to sperm damage and genetic abnormalities in children. Alcohol, despite having the same effect as smoking, has something to do with your liver function, resulting in an extreme increase in your estrogen.

4. Avoid heat, especially in your testicle area – Don’t go to places like hot baths or saunas, or even sitting on a hot seat (literally). Wear loose boxer pants, instead of skintight underwear.

5. Minimize your stress levels – Don’t take home what you should do at the office, lose your tension by watching funny movies, learn yoga and meditation if possible. Don’t bother about something like “how to cum more”.

6. If lifestyle modifications didn’t help, you can always try supplements – When you do it, take the natural or herbal route. Herbal supplements typically score as good as (sometimes better than) the prescription ones, but keeps the side effect aside.

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